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Trade Flow

1. Register
Register your email and finish identity verification. Once you have submitted all the information, we will process your application within the same day. Your information will be securely stored at our encrypted database, please refer to our privacy policy.
Account Openinig Explanation: Click Here
2. Trade
Under the page “Trade Wallet”, select the cryptocurrency you want to trade at the field “Pay” or “Get”, then input the HKD amount or cryptocurrency quantity; you may execute the trade by pressing “Place Order” after the price is checked and confirmed. You may also place a limit order by turning on the limit order button and input your desired price.
Limit Order Explanation: Click Here
3. Insufficient Funds (Transfer-In)
If you have insufficient balance, click the available balance at the field “Pay”, then click “Transfer-In” at the pop-up window; or you may pick the cryptocurrency at the page “Trade Wallet” then click “Transfer-In”, and contact us to make an appointment to get cash to our office.
Crypto Transfer-In Explanation: Click Here
4. Transfer-Out
At the page “Trade Wallet”, choose the currency and select “Transfer-Out”. Follow the website instruction to transfer-out to your wallet address or bank account.
HKD Transfer-Out: MYETHSHOP would process your transfer-out within 24 hours.
Fiat Transfer-Out Explanation: Click Here
Crypto Transfer-Out: Our system sends out crypto after your crypto transfer-out request is submitted, the transmission speed varies for different coins.
Crypto Transfer-Out Explanation: Click Here
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